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Our Story


Reaching for more

Diaspora USA began to focus its attention on the marginalized members of the Bangladeshi Diaspora. Those who had a voice but remained unheard. Those who had a vision but remained unseen. We wanted to give them the platform and spread the word.


Laying the groundwork

An organization addressing the needs of the South Asian Diaspora was essential to provide targeted support and resources tailored to the unique challenges faced by this community, including cultural adaptation, language barriers, etc. Thus Diaspora USA was founded.


Acknowledging the Diaspora

Our founding members saw the challenges the South Asian Diaspora was facing, especially those from Bangladesh. Within the vibrant tapestry of New York, the Bangladeshi diaspora stood resilient, embodying stories of perseverance and determination as they faced innumerable challenges.

What We Do

Diaspora USA aims to provide a platform, to amplify stories, and to share aspirations with the world. We believe in the power of storytelling to foster understanding and connection, and by doing so, we hope to create a community where everyone’s voice is not just heard but celebrated.

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